Self-employed - Employee or both

You have the opportunity to offer home services to employers registered on the platform as a self-employed worker. Self-employed workers are not employees of AideXpress and are paid directly by clients with a credit card via the platform, without any tax deduction. The job categories "Home help", "Home care" and "Escort/Chaperone" contain all the services of a self-employed worker.

You can also choose to work as an AideXpress on-call employee. On-call employees are paid by AideXpress with all basic tax deductions. On-call employee services are all in the category "AideXpress Employees".

You can also choose the two options: as a self-employed worker and also as an on-call employee.

The hourly rate is displayed for the selected services and a rate of $0.40 per KM will be added to your fees for each job performed as a self-employed worker and as an AideXpress employee in some cases.

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