How does it work?

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For Workers:


For workers who want to offer their services, either as a self-employed or as an on-call employee, the process is simple:

1-       Start your online registration on this page :

2-       Select the services you want to offer based on your formation et skills. You can select more than one services if         you wish. Make sure to complete each of the mandatory fields and provide the necessay documents, for each             services selected

3-      It is essential to complete all other subsequent registration steps by providing each of the requested documents

4-       If you are interested in working in public establishments, complete the section "Your preferences and expertise"

5-       Fill in frequently your availabilities to let us know WHEN you want to work

6-       Receive your job offers and accept/refuse them directly in your account

7-      Fill your time sheet to confirm your worked hours directly via your account

8-      Get paid directly in your bank account

Depending on the services you wish to offer, your hiring may require other steps (eg a brief interview).

We invite you to make an appointment online with one of our recruiting agents, who will contact you, at the time and date of your choosing, to help you with your registration. Click on the following link to proceed:


Do you need help for a short period of time and want to benefit from the services of a self-employed Xpress-Caregiver? Register now as a Client-Xpress!

Whether for yourself, a loved one or for an institution, with AideXpress and its exclusive software, you will easily find the person to meet your needs!

Here's how :

1-       Create your customer account

2-      Create your demand by specifying the type of service, date and starting hour.

3-       Browse the profiles of all caregivers available in the desired territory

4-       Select a Caregiver-Xpress who receive your job offer via the AideXpress plateform

4-       Receive a confirmation that the Caregiver-Xpress accept your offer and will provide the required service

5-       Pay your bill by credit card directly on the site AideXpress once the task is complete

Browse the profiles of workers from your region


Benefits for Client-Xpress :

·         Access to a growing caregiver bank

·         Background and qualification check for all caregivers

·         Creation of an expense history to take advantage of seniors' home care tax credit

·         Creation of a history of job acceptances and changes to tasks

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