How does it work?


Do you need help for a short period of time and want to benefit from the services of a self-employed Xpress-Caregiver? Register now as a Client-Xpress!

Whether for yourself, a loved one or for an institution, with AideXpress and its exclusive software, you will easily find the person to meet your needs!

Here's how :

1-       Create your customer account

2-      Create your demand by specifying the type of service, date and starting hour.

3-       Browse the profiles of all caregivers available in the desired territory

4-       Select a Caregiver-Xpress who receive your job offer via the AideXpress plateform

4-       Receive a confirmation that the Caregiver-Xpress accept your offer and will provide the required service

5-       Pay your bill by credit card directly on the site AideXpress once the task is complete

Browse the profiles of workers from your region


Benefits for Client-Xpress :

·         Access to a growing caregiver bank

·         Background and qualification check for all caregivers

·         Creation of an expense history to take advantage of seniors' home care tax credit

·         Creation of a history of job acceptances and changes to tasks

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