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Mathieu, Nurse

Julien, Social Worker

Sébastien, licensed Practical Nurse

Naomi, Nutritionist

Marc, Appointment Companion

Jennifer, Home Caregiver

Justine, Nurse Clinician

Pierre, Housekeeping Attendant

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Get help for yourself or a loved one

We take care of you.

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Hundreds of caregivers ready to help you in your region.


Professionals to support your team

Our team is an extension of yours.

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Hundreds of seasoned healthcare professionals ready to support your teams.


Find work where and when you want it

You watch over others, we watch over you.

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Thousands of caregivers and professionals like you, ready to make a difference.

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We help those who help others. That's t he Aidexpress signature

" We help those who help others. This is the signature. "

– Percy Gagnon, Founder

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The promise of Aidexpress

The Promise

Facilitating quick access to resources

Facilitating quick access to resources

We facilitate the connexion.

Our competent caregivers and qualified professionals will help you without delay. Aidexpress is your point of contact for getting help in the right place, at the right time.

Technology at your service

Technology at your service

We are constantly innovating to meet your needs.

We use the best geolocation tools to meet your needs in real time thanks to a one-of-a-kind platform. Aidexpress is a simplified matching database connecting supply and demand, designed to make your life easier.

Prioritizing Your Safety

Prioritizing Your Safety

We guarantee your safety in all circumstances.

Your safety is absolutely essential in our services. We check all personal, civil and professional backgrounds of our workers and make sure that any professional caregiver is duly authorized to work and care for the most vulnerable.

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

Ensuring Your Peace of Mind

We preserve your peace of mind.

We guarantee the quality of our teams support at all times and regardless of any difficulty encountered. Aidexpress is your ally in all circumstances.

Home Help

Home Help

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Professionals and caregivers

Professionals and caregivers

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